Pay Attention to Some of These Things Before You Join the Running Competition

At present, there are many people who like running. Some of these people run and follow a fun event, like charity run. With the event, they can run and do charity and raise funds for people who really need it. Daniel Ballerini is used to organizing charity run events. That way, the event will run smoothly.

With this event, you can follow the excitement of running but still be able to provide support to those who need it. For those of you who want to take part in a charity run or other race, you should pay attention to some of these things beforehand.

1. Get to know your running ability
Before you take part in a running race, first identify whether you are a runner for short distance, medium distance, long distance – marathon, hurdle running or even an ultramarathon with a running distance above 50 km. Also, keep in mind, are you truly a road runner or trail runner. This is important to know about your actual potential running skills. This is the time for you to explore all the running competitions – whether it’s a race on the highway or a mountain running race because each race has a different character.

2. Make a list of priority races
With a tight race schedule, you must prioritize which competitions must be followed and competitions that don’t have to be followed. Remember, you are not a professional runner who devotes 100% of your time to excellence in running. So, make the top list priority race that you want to follow.

3. Look for opportunities to be able to take part in a race abroad
Usually, to take part in a running race abroad, you must actively monitor 1 year beforehand so that no information is left behind. Usually, registration of overseas race is opened at least 4-6 months before. In fact, to be able to take part in the World Marathon Majors (WMM) which consists of 6 marathon race series: Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, and New York Marathon, you must take part in the draw a year before.
There are also many events that dedicate the number of kilometers running as donations.