Polkadot Motives and Its Application Techniques In Space

Around the year 1950 ago, once developed a design flow called the design or polka dot motif. This design model lasted for about ten years, in addition to the interior, during the heyday of this motif; This concept is also evolving in the fashion world. In general, the concept of this design is to highlight the round shape that is applied to the display of household furniture and wall space. Although it looks very simple the concept of this design can bring a very beautiful and unique impression because it would not hurt if the motif that has been applied is presented again with a touch that is somewhat different so that the nuances of the present remain present. Some of the things that are done to present the polka-dot motif in space include the dimensions or illusion of depth. The point can be to create different shapes and sizes of circles or circles. Similarly, staining can be combined, not just using a single color. In general, the space that is in the house or other building walls that there are four numbers plus one more field that is in the ceiling. From here we can create something more special. How to? That is to contact the home interior painting woodstock who will explore the color, size, and style in four areas of walls and ceilings that are still in one room.

If you want to create a brighter and brighter atmosphere, you can try by making a circle with white, but if you want a quieter and quieter atmosphere, choose blue. Conversely, if you are interested in a darker, then use a dark color like brown, green and so on but so as not too dark then you can use bright colors as the base color so it’s more contrasting. Keep in mind that polka dot or smaller circle size can make the motif look more regular and smooth, this pattern is very suitably applied to the space that uses the concept of classical design. For a space that uses a modern style can be done by making a combination of small size circles and circles with large sizes. If you want more practical, can use wallpaper and then cut into pieces around according to the desired size. Then paste the wallpaper on the wall, the system can use a random or regular way according to taste, including the size of the circle you want to make.