Recognize the Definition of Vaper’s Tongue here

When using a vape, you may feel a vaper’s tongue where your tongue is sensitive to the taste of the liquid you are using. This is indeed natural and not a dangerous problem. This will only interfere with your vape activities. For that, choose the best liquid you can choose, such as Turn Wax into E liquid .

What is meant by Vaper’s Tounge is a condition where you cannot enjoy or taste flavor during vaping, it can be said that the tongue has begun to lose sensitivity to the flavor. Indeed, this is not a problem that endangers health, but it will interfere for a flavor chaser. Some ways to overcome Vaper’s Tounge are as follows:

– Smelling the aroma of fresh coffee beans as a neutralizing sense of smell
– Suck lemon as neutralizing the palate
– Drink plenty of water, dehydration can reduce sensitivity to the tongue
– Try several different liquids regularly

The cause of the vaper’s tongue is

1. Using the same liquid taste continuously
If you are still happy to use the same liquid continuously then you can be sure that your tongue starts to get bored even you can feel the flavor that comes out starts to decrease.

2. Consume less mineral water
This is indeed the cause of flavor flavors do not taste on your tongue, because it is basically liquid that binds water so if you are not drinking enough it will make the lips until your throat becomes dry and certainly the taste that comes out is less enjoyable, you can try while drinking coffee or drink enough water

3. Chain caping
Chain vaping is a term where we use vapor continuously, if you use vapor continuously it will make your device heat up quickly and this will give our tongue a very strong liquid that you use and will make your tongue sensitive become reduced.