Some Tips on Arranging a Minimalist Kitchen to Make It Look Wider

Cooking in a clean and beautifully arranged kitchen best bar stools for kitchen island like a chef’s kitchen is certainly everyone’s dream, especially for those of you who have a hobby of cooking. In the past, the kitchen was just a place for us to cook, put kitchen utensils and places to eat. But now, the kitchen has more than just a place to cook. Now, depending on the cooking, all need their own arrangement. For those of you who have a small kitchen, you can visit to see furniture that is suitable for your room.

A small kitchen has certain tricks so it doesn’t look cramped. Following this we give tips on arranging a kitchen that has a narrow space:

– Make a list of priority tools needed
To design a small kitchen, start organizing cooking utensils, from those often used to those that are rarely used. Some basic kitchen utensils such as forks, knives, a set of spoons, spatulas, plates, and glasses or cups, for small kitchen designs should be placed in an easy place or cabinet if you can always put them on the kitchen island or counter. Both of these tools are vital for any type of cooking activity.

– Give cohesion to create the illusion of a spacious kitchen
The existence of a pile of items such as plates can make the small kitchen design look full. The solution to the design of the small kitchen is to try to give the color of the wall paint in white and use a variety of beautiful plates in white. Plates that accumulate will appear to disappear and make the design of a small kitchen feel neater and broader.

– Choose furniture that fits the kitchen design
For a minimalist impression like the kitchen chef in the design of a small kitchen, use the right furniture, such as chairs and dining tables made of lightweight and slim material. This can help design a small kitchen so that it doesn’t look too crowded with the limited space available. Using furniture and kitchen sets made from stainless steel for small kitchen designs is also recommended. Because stainless steel is neutral, durable and long lasting.