Your right as a used car buyer

Upon the seller’s explanation of the condition of used cars sold, you will certainly have considerations for all the shortcomings that the car has. For this reason, ask the seller for a guarantee within a certain period. It does not need a warranty, you already have the right to complain or refuse if something bad happens to the used car that you have purchased. However, even now there are many sellers who don’t care about it, so it’s better if you ask for a warranty. Meanwhile, check out the auto warranty reviews as well.

Buy a used car at a dealer

When you buy a used car from a dealer, you have the rights under the Consumer Protection Act that has been said a little earlier above. Your right to buy a used car from a dealer is as follows:

Get the best quality for your choice. This is certainly taking into account the age and distance of the used car.

The state of the car that is given to you when buying a used car from a dealer must match the advertisement or explanation before the used car is sold.

Get guaranteed used cars purchased from these dealers will be safe without any shortcomings when changing hands, either directly or indirectly (delivered).

Used cars do not meet the requirements, you as a buyer certainly have the right to claim to the dealer for an agreed contract violation.

Buy a used car at auction

When you buy a used car at auction, you have very limited legal rights. Although the Consumer Protection Act generally applies to cars sold at auction, auction houses are allowed to exclude the main conditions. Exceptions such as fulfilling satisfying quality, or explaining the details of the used car. Therefore, make sure you check the condition of the auction house before you make an offer. When you buy at an auction house, the relationship of your rights is to the seller not to the auction house.