Refill AC freon or add AC freon, is it necessary?

Does AC Split in your home or office always have to refill the freon or add freon every month or year? To answer this question is rather complicated, but in general, the answer is NO! Let’s discuss why air conditioning in your home does not need to refill freon or add freon every few months. First, the working principle of home air conditioning is exactly the same as a car air conditioner. So in a home air conditioner and a car, there is a compressor that works to pump freon gas to the evaporator in the indoor unit then it will blow out the wind and the wind coming out of the AC grille is a cold wind. Well Freon gas stored on the compressor is always spinning in a closed loop (Closed Loop) from the compressor pumped to the evaporator and back to the compressor. Therefore gas is not possible to get out of the rotation unless there is a leak. The question is, has your new car been delivered from the showroom, then 6 months later it has been to the workshop to refill the freon or add freon? of course not! It’s the same as home air conditioning. If the AC installation is correct, your home air conditioner DOES NOT NEED to be refilled by the freon! We from Aircon Repair Singapore will carefully repair your AC!

What about evaporation? Yes, Freon gas can evaporate due to heat, but Freon AC evaporation rates have also been thought of by air conditioning manufacturers, especially for Panasonic AC brands and AC Daikin as the best AC brand in Indonesia and even in the world so that Freon does not need to be refilled in normal use up to the age of the AC. Well, we can say that if the air conditioner has been used for more than 5 years, it might still be natural for us to refill our AC Freon, but if we only use it under 2 years or even a year already have to refill freon or add freon, then what can happen is if your Freon pipe has been embedded in the walls of your house, apartment or shop when installing the air conditioner for the first time, maybe the person who installed the pipe for the first time bent the pipe carelessly broke or cracked and leaked smoothly. It could also be if you use AC service services at random which might (sorry) only be seen from advertisements posted on roadside trees, it could be when they service Outdoor AC parts, the pipe connection is loosened slightly so that Freon is wasted a little and within 2 or 3 months The air conditioner is not cold because Freon is reduced or even exhausted, so you have to call them to come and refill your AC freon. We don’t say all AC service services like that, but try to be more selective in choosing where to buy and service your AC.