Chiropractic and spine problems

Maybe you have heard or just heard about chiropractic. It’s a treatment method for correcting the structure of the spine by hand. “The word ‘chiropractic’ comes from Greek, which is from the word ‘chiros’ which means hand, and ‘practical’ which means practical. If interpreted literally ‘Chiropractic’ means ‘to use hands’.” Aside from that, perhaps you also need to check out the chiropractor santa monica, to know more about this medical therapy.


“Chiropractic in more than 100 countries has become one form of alternative therapeutic techniques for the spine. The advantages, without using drugs, and without surgery through it”

if your spinal structure changes (called subluxation) this will disrupt the flow of the nervous system so that the performance of the organs becomes disturbed
and the disease will come easily.

Chiropractic believes that there is a relationship between a disease and changes in the position of the spine, by correcting the position of the spine as it should be, complaints that are felt to improve and gradually disappear.

Spinal disorders can be caused by:

1. Injury during exercise
2. Driving accidents
3. Falling down
4. Bad daily activities
5. Growth process

people who often work with long sitting positions or lifting objects on one shoulder include a group of people who will experience spinal disorders. This phenomenon does not hurt, so many people don’t realize it.

Chiropractic treatment helps to straighten the spine by finding out the subluxation of the spinal structure and then doing spinal adjustments or corrections.

“Chiropractic uses safe, gentle, and effective techniques. This technique is known as an adjustment. This technique aims to restore the position of the spine and eliminate any symptoms or pain that arises.”

Chiropractic therapy is part of alternative medicine to treat back pain and pinched nerves or other pain disorders that are safe without drugs and avoid surgery which is often a doctor’s solution. No doubt because there is still a lack of experts in chiropractic therapy, the cost of chiropractic therapy is a little expensive, but we as one of the chiropractic clinics in Santa Monica provides affordable cost of chiropractic therapy.