The Importance of Considering the Glass of Watch When Making the Purchase

What is the first thing that appears when you want to buy a watch? Starting from the aspect of design, price, to the brand of the watch itself, it might be a series of indicators that are often the main criteria of consumers before buying a watch. One component of this one watch can still be considered as take it for granted. Because it cannot be denied that the glass component or lens of the watch is one of the most important parts of the watch that is most often bumped when used for everyday activities. Well, why do you prefer to choose swatch watch?


Each type of glass has its own advantages and disadvantages. First, the type of sapphire crystal is a type that is not easy to scratch and is more durable so that the glass surface of the watch always looks neat and new when compared to mineral glass which is very easily scratched so that the fine scratch marks are very easily seen. However, the mineral glass itself is not easily broken when hit with a hard object, in contrast to the sapphire crystal which is more easily broken when hit.