The Importance Of Learning Arabic Language

Why learning the arabic language? how to learn arabic language fast  Arabic is the noblest and oldest language that is still used today. The language used by the Prophets and later will be used by the inhabitants of Heaven. Learning Arabic is very important, especially for a Muslim because the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet are a reference for every Muslim in practicing worship – even daily life – using Arabic. This is the main reason for the question Why does this language live more than hundreds of years while other languages ??don’t? is Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, this is what preserves Arabic as the main language for more than 1400 years of Islamic civilization. There are even scholars who require to learn Arabic for a Muslim. How can we understand the core book of this religion if you don’t understand Arabic at all?

In this blog, I deliberately gave Arabic learning materials from various sources and made it as easy as possible to be read and understood by even ordinary people.
I expect constructive criticism and suggestions from experts if there is a lack of presentation because I am not an expert in Arabic.

In our day there is a lot of attention from Arabs and Muslims to learning and teaching (Arabic), the concern of Muslims both past and present due to several reasons:

1. Arabic is part of this religion. Has said Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah, “It is something that is known together that learning and teaching the Arabic language is fardhu kifayah” and he also said, “Indeed Arabic is a part of religion and knowing it is obligatory, because it understands the Qur’an and obligatory sunnah . And both cannot be understood except in Arabic and what is an obligation will not be realized except with it then it becomes mandatory. “

Worship both prayer, prayer, reading the Koran and a lot of Islamic shi’ar will be fulfilled and perfect by learning Arabic.

2. Understanding Arabic makes us safe from supplications and bid’ah. Imam Syafi’I rahimahullah said, “It is not ignorance and differences that occur in humans.