Tips for maintaining the 2 strokes minibikes

These tips are specifically for mini motors with a 49cc 2 stroke engine. Before the vehicle is turned on, please make sure the fuel mixture is as recommended as 20: 1 (gasoline: oil). Shake in a container that has been given when purchasing this 50 ccs mini trail unit. Meanwhile, check out more info about mini motorcycles at the review on Geeklah .

Use personal protection for comfort in driving

In pulling on the pull start, first make sure the ignition key is close to the engine on, up the carburetor choke up, the material valve position – burn in the carburetor vertical position, before the test run pull the gas on the right handlebar then pull start and return it to the original position when the engine is on (do not release when pulling) and lower the position of the carburetor choke down.

Test the 2t 50 ccs mini trail engine sound on the upper right handlebar

If it is too constant it can be set on the gas valve under the carburetor.

Be sure to drive properly according to the terrain it passes.

The maximum use of the vehicle is about 25 minutes and then turn off the engine.

The stop engine is located on the left side of the handlebar on the red button.

For standard mini motor maintenance you can do the following:

Using water or just a wet washcloth is enough to clean vehicles that are made of fiber or rubber and the like.

The machine should not be exposed to water, because it will shorten the life of the machine.

Try to filter the air on the carburetor not get too wet by water and if you want to clean it, please open it by using a minus screwdriver and soak it in the gasoline using a brush to knock out dirt that covers the air filter, then after dry, it can be reattached.

The size of the filling of the wind on the mini trail tire is expected not to be too hard and after each use can be restored to the wind on the tire and recommended to use a hand pump.

Make sure after use is immediately cleaned and stored in a room that is not exposed to direct solar heat.