Vaporizers are obviously different from shishas

Vape is actually short for a vaporizer or liquid vaporizer. In the academic world, vape is often referred to as the Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS). The meaning of ENDS itself is related to the system, which is a battery-powered nicotine fluid heater, although now not all vape liquids contain nicotine. Apart from that, perhaps you should also learn how to turn Wax into E juice soon.

At present, many smokers switch to using a vape. One reason is to stop smoking. If you look at how vape works, several studies and studies such as one that was compiled by Farsalinos and Polosa in 2014 stated that vape is safer than cigarettes. This is due to the absence of combustion results such as when smoking because vape produces steam, not smoke.

WHO itself has not stated that vape is safe to be a substitute for tobacco cigarettes because there is no comprehensive and valid research. The chemicals contained in electronic cigarettes to produce smoke still cannot be ascertained the safety and effects on health.

In addition, a lot of vape liquid also still contains nicotine (although levels can be regulated by the user), so it does not solve the problem of nicotine addiction in smokers.

Shisha, a typical Middle Eastern tradition

Another vape, another shisha. The term shisha that is often used in the community is used to refer to smoking activities using water pipes for long intervals.

Actually, shisha is ‘jam’ which is burned and then smoked using a water pipe. This shisha is usually a combination of tobacco with flavorings such as fruits or mint. Meanwhile, the water pipe system itself is often referred to as hookah or bong.

The water pipe for the shisha consists of four parts, the head for putting jam or shisha, the bottom of the place to hold water, the part of the pipe that connects the head with the base, and the hose that will be used to suck the shisha smoke.